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I arrived home in the middle of night, in the middle if a snow storm, in the middle of April. Yes, I seem to be in the middle of middles right now. But that's sometimes how I like it. The middle is safe. Er.....most of the time.

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Half Spontaneous Fun

I am totally stoked! Yipee! I’m excited to annouce that I booked a trip to Alberta during the second week of April. I’m going to visit my childhood best friend, Allie, who I haven’t seen in almost a year. Over time, as we’ve grown up, we’ve gone on our own separate paths. Although, we have always managed to reconnect somehow.

about me

Walking on Sunshine: The Yellow Brick Road To Nowhere

I am walking down the Yellow Brick Road to Nowhere. Nada. Or at least that's how my life looks paved out for me right now. And all it took was a tornado to spin me off course.  I can tell you when I began this journey and when it will end, but I cannot predict the… Continue reading Walking on Sunshine: The Yellow Brick Road To Nowhere

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This is Eden

DISCLAIMER: This short story is a fictional interpretation of the events at the very beginning of the the bible known as the story of Adam and Eve/The Fall. You can read it in Genesis Chapters 1-3 . PS I'm not quite finished it yet...... CHAPTER ONE: This Is Eden She lay there, surrounded by green… Continue reading This is Eden

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A Figment in Time

This poem is the first piece I wrote on figment. Life is a journey Life is a journey with multiple quests. Each quest is part of an enduring test. Follow the path that leads to your destiny. So you may know your true identity. The things you may encounter are unknown. I cannot help you,… Continue reading A Figment in Time